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Khor Ting Yan 许庭彦

Khor Ting Yan is a Singaporean artist. She works with the processes of printmaking and drawing to render figurative portrayals of places contrasted with gestural mark-making, constructing illustrated landscapes and imaginary architectural spaces. Through layering and collaging of hand-drawn and printed images, she explores what these places mean to others and herself.


Her illustrations are typically simplified abstractions of reality, capturing banal moments that often go unnoticed. Many of these scenes have a degree of specificity to them, yet are at the same time familiar, evoking memories and the feeling of nostalgia that each individual may associate with the imagery. These scenes are a way for her to connect with others: a collective landscape of distant but significant memories.



她的插图概念设定通常是对现实世界进行简化、抽象化,捕捉经常被忽视的平凡时刻。这些场景中,许多都具有一定程度的特性,同时又是很熟悉的,能勾起人们怀旧的情结。 这些场景成为她与他人联系的一种方式:一个遥远但记录着重要回忆的集体景观。