Tung Yue Nang


Tung Yue Nang is a serious artist who stays focused on his art. He is very much aware of his Chinese roots and makes every attempt to keep in touch with the chinese and local traditions. At the same time, he is eager to learn from the Western modernism and to adapt western art concepts and media to chinese philosophy and the technique of brush painting.


Yue Nang is a talented artist well-versed in Western and Chinese paintings. He has held numerous thematic art exhibitions which showcased his opulent creativity and multi-faceted talents.

邓汝能是一位严谨认真的艺术家,专注于艺术世界。作为龙的传人,他尽一切努力去深入了解古老的中华文明。 同时,他渴望借鉴西方现代主义,使西方艺术观念和媒介融于中国哲学和毛笔绘画技法方面。



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