ArtSafe has 29 fine art storage rooms ranging from 18m² to 54m², a grand exhibition hall, Artists' Lounge and galleries. The facility is under 24hrs CCTV Monitoring, on-site security guards and an alarm system.


All our Art Storage rooms are equipped with :

  • Epoxy-coated floors and fire-rated partitions

  • Climate-Controlled environment, Room temperature of 23 °C , 55% RH Control (Non air-conditioned rooms are also available)

  • Secure Card Access Control System

  • Fire suppression water sprinkler system

  • Tracks for hanging of paintings

  • Shelves, Racks, Platforms and Sliding Panels can be provided  upon client's request.


ArtSafe的总面积从18平方米到54平方米不等,设置共29间艺术储藏室,另设有大型展厅、贵宾室与画廊。 设施内备有24小时闭路电视监控系统、保安巡逻与警报系统。



  • 环氧树脂地板和防火隔板

  • 气候控制系统,室温摄氏23度,55%的相对湿(也可提供非空调房)

  • 安全访问控制系统

  • 消防喷淋系统

  • 挂画轨道系统

  • 可根据客户要求提供货柜、货架、平台与滑动面板

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