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Lee Kian Chong 李建聪

Born in a tranquil village in Malaysia, Lee Kian Choong’s carefree childhood was closely intertwined with elements of nature, until he picked up photography while pursuing his education in the United Kingdom. 


He opened his own portrait studio in 1991 and has since photographed royalties, ministers, ambassadors, celebrities, and other prominent figures. However in 2007, he realised that his true interest resided in painting, as it has since his early childhood. Having made up his mind, he closed his studio and channeled his commitment into becoming an internationally recognised full time painter. He specialises in Contemporary Chinese Ink Paintings, which are generously imbued with his rich childhood memories and unique interpretation of both life’s meaning and the universe.



1991年,他开设了人像摄影室,拍摄了政要、大使、名人和其他显赫的人物。然而, 2007年他意识到自己真正的兴趣是绘画。原来,这颗爱画画的种子早已潜伏在童年。他关闭了摄影室,下决心要成为一名全职画家。从那时起,他专注研习现代水墨画,并把童年灿烂多姿的经历和对生活的独特见解融入笔端。