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Idris Ali

Idris started painting when he was 10 years old. He mainly painted in watercolour, but he also has some works done in oil, acrylic, pastels and pencil on paper.


Idris was an illustrator in a publishing firm and worked at an advertising agency called Ted Bates Singapore. He started freelancing in 1989. In 1963, because of his dedication to the activities of the association, APAD selected 30 of his art pieces to organise a solo exhibition for him. This exhibition gave Mr Idris a chance to showcase his latest and best artworks and bring out his talent to the public.

Idris 10岁时就开始画画。他以水彩为主攻方向,但也有一些作品是油画、丙烯画、粉彩画和铅笔画。


他曾在新加坡一家名为Ted Bates Singapore的出版公司担任插画师。他于1989年转为自由工作者。1963年,因为他对协会活动的奉献,APAD选了他的30件艺术作品,为他承办个展。这次展览让他有机会展示他最新和最好的艺术作品,向观众展现他的才华。



Idris Ali


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