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Chris Kandis

Chris Kandis was born in Melborne in 1966. He first drew attention to his talent while he was a teenager, selling paintings from his father's shop. From the age of 15, he received a great deal of encouragement and inspiration from his friend Leonard Long, who encouraged him to explore the technique of "plein air" painting. He was 21 when he won his first art award.


He commenced painting on a professional basis in 1988 and has held over 18 solo exhibitions. Chris approaches Australian landscape with a romantic vision of images by painters from the 19th Century. He has the love of the natural environment of Australia and the scenery of Europe. He paints with an Impressionist and Realist style, and does not want to be seen as a purely traditional artist.

Chris Kandis于1966年出生于墨尔本。他年少时便展现出了惊人的才华,从他放置在父亲店里的画作被售出的实力得以证明。15岁时,他就得到了朋友Leonard Long的鼓励,促使他去探索户外写生的技巧。 在21岁时,他获得了人生第一个艺术奖。


他于1988年开始投身绘画生涯,并举办过18场个展。 他以19世纪画家的浪漫视角来体验澳大利亚的风景。对澳大利亚的自然环境和欧洲的风景,他怀有无比的热爱。他以印象派和现实主义风格绘画,并不想仅仅被视为传统的艺术家。