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Kaouther Kassou Jellazi 


Kaouther Kassou Jellazi 


Kaouther Jellazi Ben Ayed (Alias "Kassou"), born in 1966, lives and works in Tunisia. Her first solo exhibition "From the invisible and visible" takes place at the Artemis Gallery (Tunis), in 2004.


Her thesis highlights of artistic practices, intensive impurity, pointing to a desire to nonsense and generate a new aesthetic experience: an aesthetic vacuum. In February 2018, Kaouther crosses her secret garden and comes back with a solo exhibition: "self Wire" on Kalysté gallery (Tunis). She takes us on a visual ride even better, we "allowed" to visit her "uterine workshop."

Kaouther Jellazi Ben Ayed (Alias "Kassou")出生于1966年,在突尼斯生活和工作。 她于2004年在Artemis画廊(突尼斯)举办了他的第一场个展“从无形到可见”。以原创作品“长颈女人”而声名远扬。


她的论文提出艺术实践,强烈的杂质,表达自己对毫无意义的欲望之观点,并产生一种新的审美体验:审美真空。 2018年2月,她在Kalysté画廊(突尼斯)举办了个展“个人电线”。她带我们踏上更好的视觉之旅,获得允许去参观她的“子宫工作室”。

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