Security is one of the topmost criteria to clients in their list of assets a third party provider should be equipped. Therefore, it has always been a priority to incorporate tight security in our premises to prevent access and mishandling from unauthorized persons.

ArtSafe is equipped with:

  •  24 hours remote monitoring security response

  • Colour CCTV  Monitoring System

  • Emergency Exit Control Lock System

  • Secure Card Access Control System

  • Automated Barrier Systems and Security Guard Post

  • 24 Hours Manned Guards

  • Cargo Lifts (6,000 kg, 1 Unit) (3,000 kg, 1 Unit)

  • Covered Trucks 




  • 西科姆多租户TX安全系统,具有24小时远程监控功能

  • 彩色闭路电视监控系统

  • 紧急出口控制系统

  • 安全访问控制系统

  • 自动栏杆机系统和保安员站岗

  • 保安员实行24小时全天候巡逻服务

  • 载货升降机(6,000公斤,1个单位)(3,000公斤,1个单位)

  • 密封式卡车

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