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Lim Leong Seng 林龙成

Lim Leong Seng is a full-time sculptor and artist. He has held 8 solo exhibitions and numerous group exhibitions in Southeast Asia, Taiwan, Japan, Paris, London and Belgium. He was awarded the Grand Prize in MCI Art Competition in 1990, Second Prize in REDAS Building Sculpture Competition (International) in 1993 and Jurors’ Choice in Philip Morris Group of Companies Singapore Art Awards in 1997. In the same year, he also won the Tan Tsze Chor Art Award – Gold. Lim’s work is diverse and experimental at times, and he is proficient in the use of bronze, steel, collage work and mixed media in his artworks.


The idea of applying western ideals within the oriental context is reflected in his sculptures where he applies modern art theories and techniques of colours and forms, onto Singapore subject matters like the portrayal of the nuclear family.

林龙成是一位全职雕塑家和艺术家。他曾举办8场个人展,也曾在东南亚、台湾、日本、巴黎、伦敦及比利时参加联合展。 他在MCI美术比赛(1990年)中获得大奖,在REDAS建筑雕塑国际比赛(1993年)中获得亚军,以及菲律莫里斯集团美术奖赛,新加坡(1997年)获奖。在同年,他也在陈之初博士美术奖获金奖。他时常尝试不同的题材,擅长用铜、钢、拼贴和混合媒介进行艺术创作。