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Starting or maintaining an art collection can be a daunting task. From creating and maintaining an inventory to framing and installing the art pieces, each step requires utmost attention to detail. The requirements for storing art pieces are extremely high and creating museum-like conditions at home is not feasible for most collectors. 


At ArtSafe, we offer a one-stop solution for all your art-related needs at an affordable rate, from the time when an art piece is created to its final state. From framing, handling and shipping, to packing, we are here to make your journey of collecting art an enjoyable experience. Additionally, you can also have your private collection of art pieces installed for your private viewing.

Our services include :

  • Long term and short term storage(For individual works and large collections)

  • Crating and Packing

  • Uncrating

  • Delivery

开始收藏或维护艺术收藏品或许是一项艰巨的任务。从创建、维护库存到装裱外框,每个步骤都需要特别注重细节。因为艺术品的特殊性, 对其储存要求也与一般货物有所区别。若想在家中营造类似博物馆的贮存藏品条件,对于大多数收藏家来说是不可行的。




  • 长期和短期储存服务(个人作品与大型作品)

  • ​包装与包装箱制作服务

  • ​区域与国际运输服务​

  • ​画廊展示服务

Our Services Include


We pack your artworks in a proper secure manner so as to ensure that they will not get damaged during transportation


Sometimes your artworks will arrive in a crate. We can help to retrieve your artworks from it and assist with the crate disposal.


We deliver your purchases right to your doorstep 


We assist to install your artworks for your private viewing

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