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Teo Teck Soon



Teo Teck Soon

Teo Teck Soon is essentially a self-taught painter. His passion for painting was so strong that he was determined to become a painter who would eventually create meaningful paintings of some caliber. His approach to the artistic problems was resourceful; he made frequent visits to art exhibitions, discussed paintings with notable painters and most of all, analyzed their successful works. He was extraordinarily dedicated and painted intensively. Now in his 80s and having painted for 20 years, Teo is in the mid-stream of his artistic career. He has built an impressive collection of paintings mainly in the challenging medium of Chinese ink and colours – an art medium which is gaining wide acceptance in Singapore. Specifically, Teo has proven he has two valuable gifts in the practice of his art – a flair for artistic experimentation and the courage to test new solutions instead of as in often the case – applying common practices. These gifts have valuable potential.


Teo Teck Soon has the courage to take on demanding challenges in his artistic endeavour. The Singapore River is one of the most painted themes by painters who specialize in outdoor painting. Its historic significance. Picturesque image and strategic position-sited at the heart of the city, flowing into the sea make it an irresistible subject to depict. The majority of the painters, although offering diverse interpretations of the river, however had the courage now to follow the common practice but to create a new concept for his painting of the Singapore River. What inspired him was the realization that the awe-inspiring ambience of the site with the reiver as its focal point had the potential to make the n painting one of the visual drama on an impressive scale. The ultimate result: a work exploring many layers, the towering skyline, the charming shophouses, the glittering river, the quay and the massive span of exuberant foliage in the foreground.


In Singapore, traditional Chinese Ink painting has been widely practiced for decades. In 1970s the practitioners who felt the impact of Singapore as a geographical crossroads - with artistic influences from the East and the West – begin to modernize their ink painting by incorporating Western Artistic concepts and techniques. Inn recent years, there has been a exciting upsurge in the exploitation of the Chinese ink brush strokes as. A powerful in visual expression. Garden 2018 Ink & Colours – Teo Teck Soon’s Chinese ink painting titled “The Stars in The Sky” is worthy of analysis. The work was preceded by a number of experimental trials and errors as preparation – Teo treated the work as an experiment free from the constraints of regulation and theories imposed by the academic approaches. All of a sudden, triggered by the spur of the moment, Teo Teck Soon plunged into the act of painting. The surprising result: a work of many qualities – simplicity, clarity and visual vitality. It is a work which speaks volumes. With just one single work, Teo Teck Soon discovers his forte for spontaneous in painting in a new direction.


No painting during the three years – 2016 to 2018, during which Teo Teck Soon attempted several experiments in his work – has the same degree of freedom, randomness and spontaneity in execution as his painting titled “Garden”. His successful works “Singapore River” and “Stars in the Sky” were preceded by other trial and error works. “Garden” did not go through this process. “Garden” epitomizes the direct painting approach free from technical and conceptual constraints, an approach not possible with the academic approach characterized by regulations and theories. What makes the painting captivating is its hallmark – one moment is realism art, the next moment it is abstract art. Its fluidity and mobility of visual expression has attractive potential. Teo Teck Soon is delighted with its discovery of yet another painting technique in the ink medium.


-Chinese Calligraphy Painting Solo Exhibition at Bras Basah Complex


-Chinese Calligraphy Painting Solo Exhibition at Bras Basah Complex



-"金泰艺彩美展" Spender of Clementi Artists Group Exhibition at The Art House


-Neo Contemporary Art; East Meets West by Teo Teck Soon & Hock Ann Lim


-"黑色和畅" Group Exhibition at Art Gallery Victoria


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