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Keng Seng Choo



Keng Seng Choo

Keng Seng Choo is a highly accomplished artist who was born in 1945 and graduated from the prestigious Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts in Singapore in 1965. He has been exhibiting his work both locally and abroad since then and has received recognition for his artistic talent through numerous awards, including a Silver Medal at the New York International Art Show in 1970 and First Prize at Pastel in a Malaysia competition organised by Micasa Hotel Apartments in 1988. Keng Seng Choo's artistic career spans several decades and he has been an active participant in various group exhibitions throughout his career. Some of the notable exhibitions he has participated in include the 10 Friends Art Exhibition in Kuala Lumpur and Singapore in 1966, the Special Art Exhibition on Bali Scenery and Subjects at Shangri-La Hotel in Singapore in 1971, the Taegu International Art Biennale in 1991 and 1996, and the Open Show at the National Art Gallery in Kuala Lumpur in 2001.

Keng Seng Choo's artistic style is characterised by his use of vibrant colours, intricate details, and strong cultural influences. He draws inspiration from his personal experiences, cultural heritage, and observations of the world around him, incorporating Eastern and Western artistic styles to create a unique blend that is distinctly his own. Aritst Keng Seng Choo's paintings are often infused with a sense of joy and celebration of everyday life. He is known for his ability to capture the beauty of mundane moments, such as a group of people sharing a meal or a busy street scene. His paintings often depict scenes from daily life, which he transforms into vibrant, colorful works of art that celebrate the simple pleasures of living.

In his paintings, Keng Seng Choo seeks to convey a sense of optimism and positivity, which he believes can be found in even the most challenging of circumstances. His artwork is often characterized by a playful, lighthearted approach that emphasizes the joy and beauty of life. Through his use of bold colors, intricate details, and a keen sense of composition, He creates a world that is both visually captivating and emotionally uplifting.

Keng Seng Choo's paintings are widely regarded for their ability to evoke a sense of happiness and contentment in viewers. His work has a universal appeal that transcends cultural boundaries, reflecting the shared experiences and emotions of people around the world. Through his art, artist Keng encourages us to find joy and happiness in the everyday moments of life, reminding us that beauty and wonder can be found in even the most ordinary of experiences.



-Solo Exhibition at New Strait Times main lobby, Kuala Lumpur.


-Solo exhibition in Kuala Lumpur.



-International Art Expo Malaysia.

-Kedah To Bali Art Exhibition 2.

-Toward Serenity Group Exhibition

-One Culture: Two Perspectives (Two men Show) at KL Lifestyle.

-Garis Penghayatan Group Exhibition.
-The Native Land 5  Artist’s Exhibition.

-Malaysia Journey In Art  20


-The Fourth Exhibition of New Expression of Asian Art & The Academic Forum of Asian Art.


-Kesinambungan Budaya 30 Pembinaan Negara 50 At National Art Gallery Malaysia.
-1st International Art Expo Malaysia 2007.
-Nanyang Gism 2007 Malaysia Nafa Alumni Art Exhibition at Wisma Kebudayaan SGM, Kuala Lumpur.
-Many Stories Three Styles, one soul…at Lookiss Art Gallery, Kuala Lumpur.

-Passions on Canvas, Penang.

-Shanghai Art Exhibition, China.
-Northern Colourful 8 Artist Art Exhibition at city Art Gallery.

-Northern Expression Art Exhibition at Elle Six Art Gallery, Kuala Lumpur.

-NAFA 65th Anniversary Art Exhibition in Singapore.

-Six Artist exhibition At Elle Six Art gallery, Kuala Lumpur.

-Pameran Terbuka 2001 at Nasional Art Gallery.

-Millennium Art Exhibition by Kedah Artist at Gallery Artfolio, Kuala Lumpur.

-Kedah to Bali Art Exhibition 1.

-13th Asian International Art Exhibition.
-Nanyang Academy of the fine Arts 60th Anniversary-Alumni’s Art Exhibition in Singapore.


-Kedah Eleven art exhibition in Kedah.


-Asia invitation art exhibition in Seoul “96”


-Darulaman Art Group Exhibition at Kia Peng Gallery, Kuala Lumpur.


-Malaysia watercolour society exhibition in Taipei, Hong Kong, Australia, China, Thailand and Korea.


-Concentrate in Batik Painting.


-Special Art Exhibition on Bali Scenery and Subjects at Sangrila Hotel, Singapore.


-Specialised in batik painting for many hotels in Singapore (Singapore Hilton, Lady Hill and Goodwood Hotel)


-10 friends art exhibition in Kuala Lumpur and Singapore.


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