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Kea Point, Mount Cook, New Zealand

by Koh Teng Huat


Oil on Canvas

Dimensions: 76cm(H) x 102cm(W)


马来西亚槟城刀画家古天发(阿古)以刀代笔,采用油彩原料作画。自由地表现大自然中的斑斓色彩。现已在Just.O 公开发售。

Penang oil painter Koh Teng Huat (Ah Gu) uses the theme of nature to elevate his art of palette knife painting to a whole new level. His painting in Just.O are now available for sale!


Kea Point, Mount Cook, New Zealand

  • This item are available for viewing and purchase. Please do not hesitate to contact us to make an appointment.

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